2017 Le Droitier

Droitier (dwa-tee- ay), "to the right or specializing in the right", is the Right Bank Bordeaux-style counterpart to Le Gauchiste (our Left Bank wine), and is inspired by all great things oriented in this direction.

Comprised from our best lots from our Estate vineyards in Calistoga, this Napa Valley blend is 80% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 10% Petit Verdot. Bright, ripe cherry and flavors of fresh raspberry preserves are accentuated with hints of vanilla bean and confectioner’s sugar. The fruit profile partnered with lush, well integrated tannins carry you through for a lengthy finish.

For the label, we commissioned famed Louisiana artist James Michalopoulos. Best known for his six commissioned pieces for Jazz-Fest New Orleans, his art has been featured in museums and at celebrities' homes across the nation. His paintings are "iconic" in color and light filled textual expressions of New Orleans life, landscapes, and music. We are very fortunate to have him create an art piece exclusively for us!

We bottled a mere 300 1.5L magnums (one barrel) of this right-bank inaugural blend, along with only five hand-etched and painted 5L jerobaums, remarqued by James Michalopoulos. This renders them original pieces of art, and are available by special request.

Winemaker Kent Jarman

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